About the Artist

Alexander Rani (M. Iscandarani) Guitarist, composer and instructor. His passion to Spanish guitar, with his middle eastern spirit, and his advanced studies in flamenco in Spain, all melt together making him able to represent his special perspective to this fine art in his own unique way that had him named by a U.S official entity as a person with "Extraordinary Abilities" in the field of music in 2014. Meaning one of "That small percentage [of people] who have risen to the very top of his field " base on that title he had granted a permanent residency in the USA.

Born in  1979, to a family that loves music, He learned to play the piano at an early age. After realizing his huge passion for the guitar He worked hard to improve himself in his guitar techniques very quickly. Alexander surprised his whole family when he told them He would be performing his first concert at the age of 18. The big success of that concert was his start as a professional guitarist, this was followed by many concerts on different stages in Syria. His beliefs in the major role of music in people's lives stimulated him to teach this fine art to others. He taught guitar in schools, in his own institute to students of all ages, and held concerts for his students.

In 2003, he moved to Qatar, where he continued his career as a guitarist and guitar teacher. He held many concerts of his own, and participated in many other musical events.

Al Arab News wrote under Tilt: In a concert held by  Iscandarani, "The guitar united the East and the West in Qatar theater. Iscandarani drew with his ensemble, a symphony where the eastern rhythms fuse with the western in an instrumental harmony where the flamenco met the eastern melodies .."

In 2008, he was selected by the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritages in Qatar, as a guitarist and a guitar instructor. He worked there until 2014. During those years, he taught students of different ages, prepared them, set them in ensembles, and lead those ensembles in many concerts on major stages in Qatar.

In addition to his career as guitarist and guitar teacher, Alexander Rani was the stage manager of other musical events. He also was invited to be a judge in several musical and artistic competitions.

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