AlexanderRani has been invited to be a guest on several TV interviews in different channels like Al Jazeera TV, Qatar TV.
Most of his musical works were covered by national newspapers and magazines.


Al Arab newspaper: Coverage of AlexanderRani concert on 2010. Title : IN A MUSICAL EVENT BY THE GUITARIST AlexanderRani. THE GUITAR FUSE THE WEST AND THE EAST.

Al Asima Magazine covered a musical concert by AlexanderRani in two pages . described his special way of performing ,composing and arranging music with his ensemble.

Al Watan newspaper: Coverage of AlexanderRani concert under title: Musical visions and arrangement by Mouhamad Iscandarani. Described AlexanderRani's unique way of playing and arranging music.

Al Raya newspaper: Coverage of one of AlexanderRani's concerts. Described the audience interaction and impression with AlexanderRani's unique music, and with his band.

Al Sharqu newspaper: Coverage of one of AlexanderRani concerts under title: In the presence of large audience. Described the interaction of the large audience, and the presence of Important persons like ambassadors and other senior figures from the ministry of culture.

Al Watan: coverage of a musical events by the student's of Art Music Center (affiliated by the ministry of culture). In a bold title; AlexanderRani : "The students are considered as a very important contribution to the musical life in Qatar".

Newspapers also covered some of AlexanderRani's students musical events.

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